Thursday, December 11, 2008

chocolate boms

I got the directions for these off the bag of Ghirardelli semi sweet chips 60%. They are actually called truffles. This is the same stuff I was making 2 years ago when I was making "Off the Charts Chocolate". I was altering the recipe with other things and other chocolate. This time I just did the exact recipe with out the dust coating and the added Kahlua ( 1 oz). However I made another batch last night and it didn't come out right. I thought I did the right thing but it came out way too buttery or creamy (6 tsb and 1/3 cup) It was so greasy it slid off the spatula. If I added too much, it was only a tiny bit so measure carefully. Maybe the Kahlua did something. I actually think the Kahlua kills the chocolate taste. This morning I added another cup of chips ( for a total of 3 ) and half a bar of Giardelli bakers bar chocolate ( strong stuff!) and that seems to have smoothed it out and flavored it up. so in effect , I cut the c/b content by 1/3. The directions call for adding the melted choc to the hot cream/ butter sauce but I added the c/b to the chocolate. I've done that before and it didn't seem to matter but that might have caused problems.
To make the bom*s. (I know the spelling is wrong but I don't want the fbi coming around to see what kind of bom*s I'm making) I pushed foil into a round bottomed ice cube tray and spooned the liquid choc in, put in the fridge till hard and then finished wrapping. Very time consuming. ( up till 1 am) This time I poured it all out into a glass casserole lined with foil and I'll cut that into squares and I'm going to try the dust this time because they get very soft in the hand quickly and stick to the foil. The dust might help that and also cut somemore of the sweetness. If they are soft enough at room temp , I'll try rolling them into little footballs. I found some fancy cocoa dust by Heresy that is 100% so that should be good. I also want to add some toasted almonds and maybe some raisins. I used to love the old "Chunky" candy bars. But that might have to wait for the next batch.

Friday, April 18, 2008

the Cedar Key show was interesting. The quality was good. and Tony's clam chowder is the best! Just not enough people to support that much good stuff. the prize money was very good and that attracted allot of very good artists. The weather wasn't too bad but it was pretty hot on Sat. and a little rain and chilly on Sunday morning but beautiful by noon. These shots were taken Sat. after the show. The front was just coming in. Great clouds. The second 2 were Sunday morning just at the first bridge. What is it about salt marsh that I find so appealing? The best part of the show was I got an award! It was funny because I applied in two categories and got into both but didn't want to have two booths again so I accepted in paint. When they sent the package it said welcome as a jeweler. so I went as a jeweler. the sign they gave me at check in said "painter" so I hung a few small ones on the wall behind the cases. I got an award in jewelry! I guess the ideas is confuse them enough and you win. It 's a long and constant learning process.

I went to the paint out on Tuesday afternoon to volunteer and spent most of the afternoon there hanging out and helping hang wet paintings and shuffling people from location to location.

Got to meet a few of the artists and some art in action. Next year I hope to be in it.

Robin Popp seeking shelter from the wind and making a nice study of light and shadows. Melanie has sold some during the week of painting and has 10 more for display tonight at the opening reception! It takes me a year to do 10 paintings. I was at the windmill location. this is one of the few spots in Florida where you can actually look out over a long vista. This is Orange lake in the distance and the second location for painting is on the other side of the lake.

Eleanor Blair working out of the "rolling studio" van. Another friend , Anne Gilroy, did some nice cloud paintings as did Peter Carolin.

Tonight, Friday, I go to the Thomas center where the reception in the long gallery and the paintings will be set up in the Spanish court. I'm supposed to be helping out pouring wine. I hope that works out.
Linda Richichi came from NY to do the paint out and stayed with one of our friends and did some beautiful pastel paintings. She is very good. Trish Becham was also at the paint out. She works only with pallet knife. painting a Mason jar of red beets. This whole show was full of nice work. Forty painters showed 400 paintings, most done on site during the week. the reception was well attended. The hall was packed for 6 to 10 and lots of paintings went out the door. I was helping out with the wine pouring and it was non stop until 9:30. Lot's of fun had by all ! More photos on my flickr site