Monday, February 09, 2009

Art Show in New Smyrna

Congrats on getting in. I thought you weren't going to do both jewelery and painting ever again in one show?

I didn't actually do this show in both catagories . I applied in both and only got into painting. If I had got into both I would have picked one. Probably jewelry, so I guess I'm glad I didn't get in so I had to do it as a painter. I don't want to do 2 at once because it's so much work to get ready for 2 shows at once. But I don't know how else to get recognized as a painter and I feel I have to do it as a jeweler too just because that's what I do.

Too bad about the Daytona show.

Actually it wasn''t that bad I sold my biggest watercolor A full sheet painting of "Beach Ghosts" (print on my site) so I was quite glad to be able to sell that even at half price. There was a small scratch on the plexi and some detritus between the mat and plexi so she felt she was going to have to to re glaze it. No more paintings framed behind glass! I still like to paint on paper but I'm going have to let the customer do the framing or I''m going to continue to mount them on canvas and board.

Did you make your booth fee??

I also sold one called "mayday" and a small 5 x 7 of a sunset on the marsh and one print. All at 30% off , My super bowel weekend discount .. ( I had a sign but I thought it looked tacky so I didn't put it up. I looked at it later and realized I spelled it supper bowel :>) will paint for food)
So I did ok since I was figuring on not selling anyting. I was just glad to reduce my inventory a bit.
I took some pics of the booth and a littlle movie to put up here. The day after I got home I went to my bag and reached for the camera and it wasn't there! I looked everywhere of course. Not to be found. I knew it was either under the bed in the condo in Daytona or on the street behind my booth. I didn't think it was on the street because I would have seen it while breaking down. I was tempted to just leave it since I have to go back down there in March to do another painting show with Bob but the coursity was killing me. So Tues. I went back to Daytona to find it. Bob G came with me so that made it enjoyable. We took a back route down there. It was a beautiful day for a ride. We got there and I lifted up the dust thingy around the bed and there it was, Just as I suspected! It just rolled out of my bag.
Bob wanted to look at boats so we went to a boat yard but it was just fishing boats so we headed home but not with out stopping for bbq on the main drag on Daytona Beach. I was stuffed but it was good. We took yet another back way home and got back around 3 pm. It was like a Sunday drive on Tuesday.

Do you have other shows in Feb and Mar?

Bob and I are doing a local one here at the Town of Tioga Hanna was here for that one last year. It was pretty good .. but that was last year. The Ponce Inlet show March 14th

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