Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here's a shot of the drone on the ground. This thing was incredible to watch. He would program it to fly to a certain spot , take certain pictures and then return and land. Then he would stand with us and watch, hands free, as it executed the commands. It hovered, moved and sounded like a giant humming bird

Fw: Photos caught by the drone

a shot taken by drone above the van that contains the computer that controls it. very Si Fi. Kind of reminds me of Blade Runner

you can see the small size and the camera hanging from the bottom. the 4 props do all the controling by varing the speed of the individual blades.

A shot taken while landing

Linda Spent hours stiching together several photos the drone took to get this panaranic shot. Nice job Linda!


These photos were taken by Walter Volkman, Mary Jane's husband, at the Open Air Arts event. You make have seen his Omnirove.com vehicle flying high in the sky while you were painting on Saturday. Melrose Bay is actually about 5 photos Linda put together. It is 36" by 9" full size. I hope you like it. A few of you were captured by the drone. Contact Linda at Bellamy road for details or copies

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fw: Just for Fun....OAA movies on youtube

Ellie Blair's band playing on the pontoon boat on Melrose Bay during one of the special public viewing days and Peter Carolin swimming across the bay in grand entrance to party at Ron Haase's.
Wonderful fun.
Here are three short movies to remind you of the fun we had at the Melrose paint out

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Open air art

The Melrose paint out was a blast. I made some open air jewlery out of Magnolia leaves I found in front of the Melrose Bay Gallery.

In this picture my sister Les, visiting from Vancouver Island, Canada, is helping out making "beads" from cut up leaves. She is a pro at this. Her main art form these days is making jewelry from manipulated found objects. She was an innovator long ago in this "field". Before it was "green" it was keen. We were working on the front porch at Bellamy Road Gallery

Here the leaves have been wrapped around sticks with copper wire and several layers of acrylic medium and varnish have been added for protection and durability

This is another shot of the leaves in process of adding acorn "beads" to the leather necklace. I used one of Les's finds, a squished bottle cap, as part of the clasp.

Here it is in the finished state

and on display at Melrose Bay Gallery

I also did 3 paintings in watercolors sitting by the lake on a couple of different days. Sorry about the bad pictures. I wasn't thinking far enough ahead to take good ones. The 2 framed 8 x 10's are on paper as are 3 that I mounted as greeting cards. The larger 11 x 14 is watercolor on gessoed board.

Here is one in progress with my little watercolor set up. This is a 5 x 7 painting and watercolor set I made in a small plastic box.