Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fw: Photos caught by the drone

a shot taken by drone above the van that contains the computer that controls it. very Si Fi. Kind of reminds me of Blade Runner

you can see the small size and the camera hanging from the bottom. the 4 props do all the controling by varing the speed of the individual blades.

A shot taken while landing

Linda Spent hours stiching together several photos the drone took to get this panaranic shot. Nice job Linda!


These photos were taken by Walter Volkman, Mary Jane's husband, at the Open Air Arts event. You make have seen his Omnirove.com vehicle flying high in the sky while you were painting on Saturday. Melrose Bay is actually about 5 photos Linda put together. It is 36" by 9" full size. I hope you like it. A few of you were captured by the drone. Contact Linda at Bellamy road for details or copies

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