Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Barn painting commission

Finished painting 12 x 16 watercolor and acrylic on canvas After it was dry I re worked the tree to make the leaves a little more pronounced and I changed the color of the tree trunk with acrylic
After the second wash. With this technique I can only put in 2 washes and that's pushing it. The under painting immediately dissolves when it gets wet with the next layer. It has to be much dryer paint and has to be done in one go. No going back.
This is the first wash. Putting in the large areas first. The substrate for this on is gesso on canvas

Original Paintings

This is before. The original way I painted this 16 x 20 . The marsh creek part in the middle is a watercolor on canvas that I collaged onto the bigger canvas and then painted around it. I was never happy with it
This is after the changes. I like this much better. It really has a 3d effect.
Estuary Daydream 16 x 20 unframed watercolor and acrylic on canvas

Melrose Bay Boat Houses 36 X 12 Watercolor and acrylic on canvas  (sold)

Marsh Creek Dawn 11 x 14 Watercolor on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Saturday, May 09, 2009

More on the Paint out

My tiny paint box and 5 x 7 in progress

The total opposite , Peter Carolin with his giant pallet

party time

Sunset on Melrose bay

Hungry spectator

Linda Pence doing a water color

Here are a few more pix from the Melrose paint out. I'm one of those people that likes to get ready for things. I also don't do many paintouts. Those 2 facts lead to nearly a day of packing up art supplies in various bags for different mediums. I have several things for painting in watercolor on site because I do that on occasion. Two or 3 different little pallets and no less than 5 Altoids boxes set up with different triads. A really nice Winsor Newton pocket pallet. A pencil bag with all the drawing stuff. A wrap with several brushes. Paper in pads and cut sheets. Everything is small. Paper is 5 x7 or 7 x 10. I also paint on panels and canvas with watercolor so I had some of those too. I also have this little plastic pill box that I set up as a paint box with 6 colors and white. I covered a piece of mat board with contact paper for a painting board and use a water brush with water it the handle of the brush, squeeze to wet. I also had a bag for acrylics and my motorcycle tank bag set up with jewelry making supplies. So with all this gear what do you think I used? The little plastic pill box and the water brush! The smallest, pocket sized thing I have. I gravitate toward the most compact set up in the field but I still love getting all that other stuff ready!