Saturday, May 09, 2009

More on the Paint out

My tiny paint box and 5 x 7 in progress

The total opposite , Peter Carolin with his giant pallet

party time

Sunset on Melrose bay

Hungry spectator

Linda Pence doing a water color

Here are a few more pix from the Melrose paint out. I'm one of those people that likes to get ready for things. I also don't do many paintouts. Those 2 facts lead to nearly a day of packing up art supplies in various bags for different mediums. I have several things for painting in watercolor on site because I do that on occasion. Two or 3 different little pallets and no less than 5 Altoids boxes set up with different triads. A really nice Winsor Newton pocket pallet. A pencil bag with all the drawing stuff. A wrap with several brushes. Paper in pads and cut sheets. Everything is small. Paper is 5 x7 or 7 x 10. I also paint on panels and canvas with watercolor so I had some of those too. I also have this little plastic pill box that I set up as a paint box with 6 colors and white. I covered a piece of mat board with contact paper for a painting board and use a water brush with water it the handle of the brush, squeeze to wet. I also had a bag for acrylics and my motorcycle tank bag set up with jewelry making supplies. So with all this gear what do you think I used? The little plastic pill box and the water brush! The smallest, pocket sized thing I have. I gravitate toward the most compact set up in the field but I still love getting all that other stuff ready!

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