Tuesday, June 02, 2009

3 new landsacpes

This little series got started one day when I didn't feel like making jewlery. I've been experimenting with a new gesso recipe. I'm trying to get the feel and look of paper when painting on canvas. One of the main things I like about watercolor is the way the paint flows on the wet paper. That doesn't happen naturally on canvas so you have to prime the canvas. Well I have a new secrete sauce that I really like and these are the first paintings on it. They are all 3 x 5 and all done with the same palette. FUB, Aureolin, quin. magenta, trans red ox. The gesso on this one is put on with a palette knife and has an interesting texture that can be seen in the clouds
This one is from a picture of cedar key as I was driving over the bridge. The gesso here is put on fairly smoothly with a credit card ( gotta use them for something). Some texture is evident in the clouds.

The gesso in this one was put on with a roller and the texture is quite pronounced. These 3 have all been framed and are hanging in the artisians guild for the Monthly show. Unframed they are 60.00 each As a special to bloggers and fans I'm offering them for 40.00 each. Just comment or email me if your interested and we'll get together.

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