Saturday, October 31, 2009

value sketches

I started taking Melanie Peter's drawing class. It's back to the basics and very helpful in learning how to see shapes and values and how to place them correctly on the paper. These are the first 2 sketches. We are using charcoal and white pastel on toned gray paper. I'm having fun with this. We are drawing using shapes instead of line. The idea is that shadow shapes define the object. It's actually easier to draw this way than trying to outline the objects and then fill in the values. With this method we start with the biggest shapes and continue to refine those. We start with 2 values. All the lights and all the darks, defining the shapes of the shadows the toned paper being the mid tones. The beauty of this medium is the ease with which it erases. The shapes and edges can be moved and changed as you progress. First the paper is covered with a light charcoal toning darks are placed with soft charcoal and the lights are erased. As the shapes are refined the accent darks and lights come last. These set ups are all white with a single light source. I did these in about 1 1/2 hours each The second one was actually pretty complicated. It still needs a lot of work but there is a time limit. You can see that I never made it to finishing the top of this plant stand. The edges still need allot of work. An ellipse is a difficult shape

both sketches are on the same paper

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