Monday, December 07, 2009

Praire Mist

This is a 5 x 7 on canvas that started out last summer as a watercolor. I was trying out a new gesso recipe and just playing around. I put in the sky, the tree on the right and the foreground. I liked it but there was nothing on the left and it felt a little empty. The sky was great so I just left it on my wall and I've been looking at trying to figure out what to do to it. I put it in photoshop and played around but nothing good came out. then I was painting some copper jewelry and had the acrylics out so I started in on it with those colors. I put in the the background and the let trees and glazed the foreground with q gold. Now I really like it.
I scanned it at high res and looked at in photoshop . It's like looking at it under a microscope. I found this composition. Can you see the bird in the bush?

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  1. for some reason , only the first pic will enlarge on click. they all used to do it. maybe it will work for you.