Thursday, September 30, 2010

other worlds

This is a detail from a new piece I'll be showing at the "other worlds" show next week at the Bellamy Road Gallery. This detail shows the long exposer photo printed on transparency and laminated to plexi and mounted on a clock movement. The painting is done on a 2 x 4 ft panel with spray paint.
Below is the full shot with the lights on . The panel is drilled with a network of orange lights behind at a distance from the whole so as you move by, the lights appear to go on and off.
This piece is not titled as one of my Daydream series and wasn't intended to be part of it but the technique and composition put in that series. The framed window was done by Bob Senesac. That image is a manipulated photo on transparency that is also back lit. This was a collaborative effort signed by both of us. It took lots of brainstorming to pull this together. I have a step by step web album I'll be putting up next week.

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