Monday, March 28, 2011

 My set up in the parking lot of the Melrose Bay gallery.  This is as far as I got for the first day.  I was working on a collage using grass that I picked around the gallery
At this point I'm almost done.  I have glued down the grass and collaged on one layer of paper. I'm ready to cut the edge and remove the blue tape.

Here I have added some color under the taped off section and around the edges.  I will add one more layer of paper and cover the white bar to increase the curtain effect. 

Sunday morning I framed the grass painting on the tailgate and hung it before heading to  this was location #3 where I joined Linda and Scott for a little lunch. They stayed and painted in this beautiful garden and I moved down the street to location #9

Here's Julie setting up on the dock at #9 I'm at water's edge attempting to do an abstract of the dock. after struggling with it for about 2 hours I gave up and worked on a 12 x 36 of a palm tree I started Saturday in the parking lot.  Here are a couple of shots from my location

 This is the palm tree painting after spraying and scraping and dripping

top detail

 bottom detail
These paintings and what else I can finish this week will be hanging in the Melrose bay and Bellamy road Galleries for the Gala Sat night April 2

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