Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas cards 2013

This year once again i ended up using a new technique to make cards. Last year I did everything with spray can and stenciling. This year I used spattering.  You know how when you clean a paintbrush you shake it and swing it to get the last bit of water out?  Thats spattering.  Like jackson Pollock at high speed. I started out thinking I'd do total abstraction. Something that maybe looks like fireworks. I ended up with trees in the woods.

This first picture shows this super saturated wet full sheet of watercolor paper covered with yellow and then blotted back out with a paper towel. I then spattered it with a deluded red. Then with a deluded blue fluid acrylic

I let the paper dry and folded and tore it into 5 by 7 size pieces. You get 16 from a full size sheet of paper.

At this point I layered them up like shingles one on top of the other spattering the exposed part of each one with blue. Then I move them around and hit them with red. Then yellow.

A Landscape like thing was developing. I made a thicker consistency color using all three primaries I had been using to make a more opaque brownish red burnt sienna color.   Spattering this thicker, more opaque paint on the dry paper brought the texture to the forground. I started to think "This sort of looks like the texture of trees. Maybe on the shadow side."  I totally expected to stop there thinking this looks pretty abstract but kinda like landscapes. At this point no brush had touched the paper.

I liked that idea and was going to leave it except that one of them had too much brown and the tree image was too obscured. So I came in with a brush and washed in a darker blue around the trees covering up the unwanted Brown spatter.  This works so well I decided to do it to all of them. The negative space became the trees

I ended up with 24 paintings and made cards from all but 4 which were total rejects. It was a fun process and I hope to find time to scale it up and also try it on canvas

Monday, September 30, 2013

man I really miss painting

Ma, I really miss painting.  It's been too long. I'm sure I have forgotten how to do anything or how to even think about it.  All the little rules and methods and techniques. I was all set to join the Kanapaha paint out this September but the truck blew a water hose that lead to a bad water pump that lead to a new radiator that dripped on the alternator and ruined it. (don't let your hoses go bad) so I couldn't get there.  I still have about 7 canvases unfinished from last year I had set to work on.  Here are 3 that got finished.  All palette knife acrylics on canvas 2 @ 8 x 10 and one 5 x 7.  Not very good pics but shot on site. 
 The first 2 are experiments using a new method for me. I put down a background color field and then covered it with thick dark paint then, using he knife, I scraped through to reveal the background.

 Even though one of the goals of this major move and down size I have undertaken is to have more time to do stuff that doesn't pay. like paint, it seems like a dream now.  I'm nearing the end of the move out stage, but the move in and organize seems endless and all consuming. I have taken so much time off work that it feels like it's going to be months before I can even think about doing anything for fun. The "season" is upon us and I'm not even close to being ready.   Even writing in this blog feels like a waste of time.   

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lake Santa Fe paint out in Melrose

This is just a quick post to show some of the work I did at the 2013 Melrose paint out Outside Art.
This one is a series of the cypress from the end of a dock looking back toward shore.
 This year I decided to try to make something very affordable buy working on 5 x 7 pieces of paper with acrylic and the palette knife.  This allowed me to work fast and make several paintings from the same location.  It was lots of fun and I do enjoy working small. I have become totally taken with the knife. It's my new favorite painting tool.  It helps keep the work loose and impressionistic and the work shows lots of feeling for the subject.  When I  paint on canvas and frame things the price is 60.00  However by doing these on paper and presenting them as cards that can be sent or matted and framed, They are, after all , original paintings, I was able to offer them at 30.00.