Monday, September 30, 2013

man I really miss painting

Ma, I really miss painting.  It's been too long. I'm sure I have forgotten how to do anything or how to even think about it.  All the little rules and methods and techniques. I was all set to join the Kanapaha paint out this September but the truck blew a water hose that lead to a bad water pump that lead to a new radiator that dripped on the alternator and ruined it. (don't let your hoses go bad) so I couldn't get there.  I still have about 7 canvases unfinished from last year I had set to work on.  Here are 3 that got finished.  All palette knife acrylics on canvas 2 @ 8 x 10 and one 5 x 7.  Not very good pics but shot on site. 
 The first 2 are experiments using a new method for me. I put down a background color field and then covered it with thick dark paint then, using he knife, I scraped through to reveal the background.

 Even though one of the goals of this major move and down size I have undertaken is to have more time to do stuff that doesn't pay. like paint, it seems like a dream now.  I'm nearing the end of the move out stage, but the move in and organize seems endless and all consuming. I have taken so much time off work that it feels like it's going to be months before I can even think about doing anything for fun. The "season" is upon us and I'm not even close to being ready.   Even writing in this blog feels like a waste of time.   

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