Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas cards 2013

This year once again i ended up using a new technique to make cards. Last year I did everything with spray can and stenciling. This year I used spattering.  You know how when you clean a paintbrush you shake it and swing it to get the last bit of water out?  Thats spattering.  Like jackson Pollock at high speed. I started out thinking I'd do total abstraction. Something that maybe looks like fireworks. I ended up with trees in the woods.

This first picture shows this super saturated wet full sheet of watercolor paper covered with yellow and then blotted back out with a paper towel. I then spattered it with a deluded red. Then with a deluded blue fluid acrylic

I let the paper dry and folded and tore it into 5 by 7 size pieces. You get 16 from a full size sheet of paper.

At this point I layered them up like shingles one on top of the other spattering the exposed part of each one with blue. Then I move them around and hit them with red. Then yellow.

A Landscape like thing was developing. I made a thicker consistency color using all three primaries I had been using to make a more opaque brownish red burnt sienna color.   Spattering this thicker, more opaque paint on the dry paper brought the texture to the forground. I started to think "This sort of looks like the texture of trees. Maybe on the shadow side."  I totally expected to stop there thinking this looks pretty abstract but kinda like landscapes. At this point no brush had touched the paper.

I liked that idea and was going to leave it except that one of them had too much brown and the tree image was too obscured. So I came in with a brush and washed in a darker blue around the trees covering up the unwanted Brown spatter.  This works so well I decided to do it to all of them. The negative space became the trees

I ended up with 24 paintings and made cards from all but 4 which were total rejects. It was a fun process and I hope to find time to scale it up and also try it on canvas

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  1. I tried doing individual cards one year... I wrote about it on my blog. I admire your stick-to-itiveness! I bailed after a while. These cards are cool - and what a great way to explore and enjoy painting.