Sunday, October 26, 2014

Painting on Fripp Island

 I was hoping to get more painting done at the beach but I should have known better.  Just too much fun to be had to spend that much time concentrating.   However I did take a bunch of photos ( that could become paintings at some time
This is a small box I re purposed  for painting 7 x 5 panels.   
 A tree protrait from the deck
The sketch on the left is on brown paper with charcoal and white pastel
 John and I did make it to the crab dock and we did catch some crabs but there is a lot of time between checking the traps so we had time to do a couple of painting.  Mine on the left is acrylic with palette knife and some brush work John's on the right is watercolor pencil and brush   5 x 7 watercolor paper

 Definitely a world class spot.  I love these clouds and I'm sure they will show up in future paintings
Black and White pastel on brown paper  9 x 12

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another Paint Box

 room for 2 wet 5 x 7 panels face down.  adjustable cord to set the angle of the open lid. can be laid out all the way flat. There is another identical box that velcro's to the bottom of this one and has a sliding top for the oil cups, tubes and ect
 butcher paper removable palette and a brush /knife/pencil holder to keep them off the wet palette when the box is closed.   a 5 x 7 panel in the painting position.  hinged plexi fold out brush and water/ oil cup holder
 loaded and ready for paint
box in action with acrylic paints.  the plexi side tray is folded in and ready to close up

Monday, October 06, 2014

Todays Painting

Today's painting that I shouldn't be doing.  I have too much "job" related things on the list but I couldn't help myself.  I saw this pencil sketch and wanted to try this new paint box. I'm obsessed with coming up with the easiest and most minimal set up for doing "walking " paintings.  I want to be able to do quick 5 x 7 oil or acrylic location paintings and not have to carry allot of stuff.  So this is the latest setup. A metal box that playing cards came in and a daily pill box for the paints. I hold this on a 9 x 12 sketch pad that I use for black and white pastel value sketches and palette. The biggest problem with all these various pochade boxes is the ability to carry more than one wet painting home. The other challenge with acrylics is having to have water to clean brushes.  With oil, it's  the opposite, oil stays wet too long and gets all over everything.  I like thick paint so that doesn't help.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Painting Out at Matheson House

This is a day of painting at the Matheson house   A historic house and museum in Gainesville.   I was painting with oils for the first time outside  using the plastic "Plano" box shown in a previous post. as a palette box.  Click the plein air lable to see other posts of painting outdoors.
This is the path that forms a circle in front of the Matheson House on University Ave in Gainesville
One of the biggest challenges of plein air painting is the constantly changing light.  Now that I look at this again I think there is another painting in the light pattern in the photo above.
I often find several compositions in every scene.  These are 2 pictures of the same painting .  The color is totally dependent on the light on the painting and of course the camera (iphone 4 in this case)
I got the above 8 x 10 on canvas and the below 5 x 7 on panel both in oil sitting in the same location.  I think there could be more.  I like the sweeping. tapered curve of  the path, the back lit trees and the shadow pattern that developed on the grass

The picture below was the first of the day and my first attempt at an oil outside.  I should have picked an easier subject than light and trees reflecting on the water of a creek in deep shadow.  I tend to zoom in very close on a subject instead of showing more of the whole scene.  The biggest problem I had all day is the slow dry time of the oil paint compared to acrylics.  This caused problems with paint mixing and blending on the painting when I didn't want it to making corrections difficult. On the other hand acrylics dry too fast in a lot of cases. I need to find a happy "medium"  Open acrylics dry slower work for Acrylics.  Liquin and fast drying white for oils might be the answers. I used Open acrylics to paint at Kanapaha gardens

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Kanapaha Paint Out 2014

First painting of the day.  Trying to work more accurately than my usual experimentation style.  At this paint out I'm trying to use just the palette knife.  This one is a 5 x 7 on canvas
Of course the light kept changing and the camera can't capture what the eye can see at least my iphone can't, so sun lit spots are overexposed and shadows are under exposed.  But you get the idea
here are 2 shot of this location   I was sitting on a bench for this one.  I could have painted at least 5 pictures from this location.  I love the light in here. Some people call this the bamboo cathedral . Acrylic 8 x 10 on canvas

 These two shots are of the same painting the left is in the gallery with natural and florescent.  the right picture is on location in the shade. I 'd say the left is closer to the actual color. Sold at the paint out

 This is the same stand of bamboo but looking through the cathedral at the stand I painted in the above pictures

This 8 x 10 on canvas is a bit over saturated in this photo but I was trying to capture the light coming through the bamboo.  Acrylic with palette knife.


Sitting in the gazebo gave me this view   this was done with acrylic on a 5 x 7 panel with the palette knife
Last painting of the weekend.  This was down by the flooded boardwalk.  Dispited being somewhat burned out from being in the heat and trying to concentrate so much all weekend, I was able to get this 5 x 7 on panel with the knife and acrylic.  this looks like some kind of weird frame but it's just the brick sidewalk

 My display at the Summer house

Monday, September 01, 2014

pochade box

I used a plastic utility box to make this pochade box for painting in acrylics with palette knife in the field.   I haven't tried it in the field yet so there may be bugs​

the closed view with the side board folded under   the paint seen here is on the inside of the cover  I was using this as a palette area
fully open with the panel holder in the top   the top is held up with strings and the side board is folded out.  the palette is on the side board.  It's held down with Velcro in case it gets windy  
Here the panel holder is in the traveling position or work position  I like to hold the painting sometimes so this allows me to hold it and not get paint on my hands. this would also work with a stretched canvas 
I didn't build in a tripod but I could adapt this to work on one   This is mostly for lap or table top.  I wanted something very portable so I could also be carrying a fishing rod of could be slipped into a back pack.  It holds 2 of each primary and white, knives, water, brushes, glaze and medium, charcoal, and pencils
After painting the palette could be put back in the box or carried on the out side on the folded up side board and carried with the shoulder strap so the wet painting could be inside.  the easel board also has Velcro on it so that could be carried out side and the wet palette inside depending on which is wetter.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Tea-Ball Project

Given that I drink about a half liter of iced tea a day, my research told me I should use organic tea. So I began using Loose leaf tea to make iced tea.  I found that the average tea  ball doesn't really hold enough tea to make a half liter of strong tea.  Using two Tea balls is a pain, throwing lose tea in the pot and then straining it when its hot is messy and not much fun. Building a sterling silver tea ball however, is fun. So I decided to make one big enough for a pot of tea 

 first choose the materials sterling silver sheet in flat sheets and discs  the box body is made into a cylinder after rolling in a texture.  Then I hammered peened a texture around the middle  This took it out of the flat plane  and gave it a little dimension and texture.  The disc turned out to be too small so I used a square piece of sheet.  I rolled it several times in both directions to get a layered look to the texture  
 I found a bunch of scrap squares with holes drilled in one corner intended for earring parts,  I soldered them all together to make the bottom of the box
I soldered them in a square and after soldering them down on the basic cylinder of the box, I trimmed off the excess
 The shot below shows the roll embossed top and a little of the raised side
The cover fits but it's not perfect  I will do that differently next time,  I couldn't wait to see how it would work so I drilled a few holes in the top and side and made a pot of tea just to see how it would work, Worked great and it's about the right size.  It's about the size of a tea ball but the square sides give it more volume inside
 after about another week went by I finally took some time to start cutting slots in the side. 

Almost done  I'll drill more holes in the top  I haven't decided yet if I'll put a handle on top with a chain to dip it in the pot.
 I finally took the time to drill the rest of the holes in the side and the top and attach a chain

The finish is hand rubbed with a past of baking soda and water and a wet paper towel