Friday, January 31, 2014

Table Leg

This project doesn't have anything to do with the art on my website, It's just an idea I had. 
 I started out with a pair of plastic manikin legs that were originally attached.  They unexpectedly became unattached  so now I'm working with 2 legs.  This turned out to be a good thing.
 when I got the legs they were painted black with a brush.  I was going to just re spray them but upon closer inspection I found the legs were actually a very good reproduction of a real leg and not just a cheap manikin.  the black paint was hiding the curves and shape.
 So the first step was to do a lot of sanding. I didn't get a picture of the straight leg before but this is what they looked like after some sanding.  I did several layers of gray primer which showed up the bad spots and deep scratches that needed to be filled with Spackle. 
 I wanted to make sure the foot had enough strength to hold up the table so I filled the foot up to the shin with cement and reinforcement.
 Sorry about the blurry pics.  bad cell phone camera.  this was a test of the foam to see how it would stick to the plastic and what the expansion rate would be.
 More sanding and filling
 In order to get the top of the leg level and flush with bottom of the table I had to build up the broken parts with  stiff screen and more Spackle.  Fill and file, fill and file several layers until it came up to the level of the plastic.

 the bent leg needs the same treatment
 Once  I got it filled and shaped and primed and I was convinced it was level, flush and straight across the top I had to attach a board so I could attach the leg to the bottom of the table
 I screwed a piece of 4 x 4 to the board and then filled the leg with urathane foam and taped it all in place to hold it against the pressure of the expanding foam.

 After a day or more the foam was finally set up I was able to put the final coats of primer and do the final sanding

 Sprayed with a quality silver paint
 Installed under the table which is a 2 in piece of mahogany I've been saving for years.
I still have to finish the second leg and install it but I'm taking a break from this project for now.

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