Friday, February 07, 2014

Go Fly a kite

this is a sculpture I'm hoping to have done in time to enter in the Mass Arts show.  but It has to be done by Friday !  We will see what happens.

This is the original sketch.  I know, What is it?  but it's just enough to keep the idea in mind
the is the wax model for the kite flyer.  the legs will be cast separately and hang from a ring inside so they will move

the wax parts for the tree and the kite flyer (on the left)  I can't cast anything longer than 3 inches so I had to cut the branches and I'll solder them together after casting

Here are the parts after casting and some grinding. I did put a brushed finish on the hat
I had to do a trial assembly to see it the balance would work out.  I also didn't have the kite design figured out at the point so I just used a make shift one about the right weight
Looks like it will work so time to go for the finish process which included putting patina on the branches and Kite Girl

 nearly finished piece  I had to take photos and the application in the mail so it looks more finished than it actually is.