Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Swamp

The Swamp 12 x 36 acryllic on canvas
 the finished painting shot  in full sunlight at the Artisans' Guild

 This the first step Actually this is several steps in but I decided I didn't like it  Do over

this was after recoating it with gesso  some of the color still shows thru and I started adding more color and changing the direction of the dripping
I have found the design at this point and trying to increas the contrast, this is always the hard part with this process because darkening means covering up layers below.  I'm using very transparent paint so I can keep those layers showing.
More spatter and drips and going in and blotting out areas that I didn't want  At this point I turned it over and liked it better that way  the bottom became the top
Here I thought I was done but didn't like the big empty space that was the tops of the trees so I added this color

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