Saturday, May 10, 2014

Paintings from kanapaha

The three above came from sept 2012 paint out   They are all of the bamboo in the garden  The top ones use actual bamboo leaves collages into the paint.  The tree below are from a might paint out at the same gardens.  It was in conjunction with the astronomy club who were there to view three planets and the nearly full moon.  unfortunately it was a cloudy night and no sky was visible.  Which also meant there was no moon and no light to paint by.  I managed to get one completed painting of the tree done before dark and the wedding trees just as the sun went down. The final 5 x 7 was, as you can tell, after dark.

Kanapaha Tree 8 x 10 canvas with palette knife  


Palm After Dark  5 x 7 canvas with palette knife 

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