Monday, June 30, 2014

Walk in the woods: If a Tree Falls...

This painting went through some changes.  After looking at it for a while I realized I didn't like the way the tree came right out of the corner.  I also didn't like the way it just floated in space with no fore ground. 
8 x 10 Acrylic on canvas


Walk In The Woods: Disapearing Trees

Walk In The Woods: Disappearing Trees
16 x 20 Acrylic on gallery wrapped Canvas unframed 275.00

here are some process stages of this painting
I started with a texture of  acrylic paste applied with a palette knife.  Then several layers of single colors splashed, spatter and dripped on
continuing with more wet washes and beginning to add some thicker paint. looking for the composition.  The basic idea was laid out in the white paste
now working with fluid paint and brush and palette knife adding layers over dried layers.  This too several sessions.  pushing darks and lights and warms and cools trying to create distance
When I got this far I thought I was done but I didn't' like the way the white water in the creek looked like it curves up so I eventually went back in an changed the creek to a path.  sometimes you have to look a painting for a while to figure out what it needs

Monday, June 23, 2014

Where Am I Going?

not too sure where I'm going with this one it's just kind of growing   I like the light in the upper right but the rest is up for grabs. We'll see how it progresses

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Funny How Things Change

Wild Fire  5 x 7 on canvas  acrylic
It's interesting how we ( I say we but I mean I) start something with an idea in mind and through sheer a.d.d. it becomes something else.  I think my original intent was to do someing with drawing actual shapes in the black  I don't know how all that color got on there!  It looks like something from a Doctor Who episode. Something that might attach the Darlics.

Diving into ceramics

Instead of teaching my class I decided to go back to the craft center and try a 4th clay project. So far i have made 2 planters for bonsai and a 20 oz mug
  Here are some pictures of the clay in the drying stage. Once bone dry, I can sand it with a damp sponge and then it goes through 2 firings
the bottom view as I built up the slabs over a dish pan covered with bubble wrap so the shrinkage wouldn't splint the seams

This some what elaborate rig is to support the pot off it's feet until it dries,  The center of the bottom hangs dow a bit so I had to support the edges and leave room for the center to hang down. Other wise one board would have been enough.

now just waiting for it to dry. 

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Clay projects

This is a 20 oz clay, slab built mug i made while waiting for my students to show up