Monday, September 01, 2014

pochade box

I used a plastic utility box to make this pochade box for painting in acrylics with palette knife in the field.   I haven't tried it in the field yet so there may be bugs​

the closed view with the side board folded under   the paint seen here is on the inside of the cover  I was using this as a palette area
fully open with the panel holder in the top   the top is held up with strings and the side board is folded out.  the palette is on the side board.  It's held down with Velcro in case it gets windy  
Here the panel holder is in the traveling position or work position  I like to hold the painting sometimes so this allows me to hold it and not get paint on my hands. this would also work with a stretched canvas 
I didn't build in a tripod but I could adapt this to work on one   This is mostly for lap or table top.  I wanted something very portable so I could also be carrying a fishing rod of could be slipped into a back pack.  It holds 2 of each primary and white, knives, water, brushes, glaze and medium, charcoal, and pencils
After painting the palette could be put back in the box or carried on the out side on the folded up side board and carried with the shoulder strap so the wet painting could be inside.  the easel board also has Velcro on it so that could be carried out side and the wet palette inside depending on which is wetter.

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