Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Tea-Ball Project

Given that I drink about a half liter of iced tea a day, my research told me I should use organic tea. So I began using Loose leaf tea to make iced tea.  I found that the average tea  ball doesn't really hold enough tea to make a half liter of strong tea.  Using two Tea balls is a pain, throwing lose tea in the pot and then straining it when its hot is messy and not much fun. Building a sterling silver tea ball however, is fun. So I decided to make one big enough for a pot of tea 

 first choose the materials sterling silver sheet in flat sheets and discs  the box body is made into a cylinder after rolling in a texture.  Then I hammered peened a texture around the middle  This took it out of the flat plane  and gave it a little dimension and texture.  The disc turned out to be too small so I used a square piece of sheet.  I rolled it several times in both directions to get a layered look to the texture  
 I found a bunch of scrap squares with holes drilled in one corner intended for earring parts,  I soldered them all together to make the bottom of the box
I soldered them in a square and after soldering them down on the basic cylinder of the box, I trimmed off the excess
 The shot below shows the roll embossed top and a little of the raised side
The cover fits but it's not perfect  I will do that differently next time,  I couldn't wait to see how it would work so I drilled a few holes in the top and side and made a pot of tea just to see how it would work, Worked great and it's about the right size.  It's about the size of a tea ball but the square sides give it more volume inside
 after about another week went by I finally took some time to start cutting slots in the side. 

Almost done  I'll drill more holes in the top  I haven't decided yet if I'll put a handle on top with a chain to dip it in the pot.
 I finally took the time to drill the rest of the holes in the side and the top and attach a chain

The finish is hand rubbed with a past of baking soda and water and a wet paper towel

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  1. Pete, This little (iced tea big) tea-ball is really quite beautiful. I love it.