Sunday, September 07, 2014

Kanapaha Paint Out 2014

First painting of the day.  Trying to work more accurately than my usual experimentation style.  At this paint out I'm trying to use just the palette knife.  This one is a 5 x 7 on canvas
Of course the light kept changing and the camera can't capture what the eye can see at least my iphone can't, so sun lit spots are overexposed and shadows are under exposed.  But you get the idea
here are 2 shot of this location   I was sitting on a bench for this one.  I could have painted at least 5 pictures from this location.  I love the light in here. Some people call this the bamboo cathedral . Acrylic 8 x 10 on canvas

 These two shots are of the same painting the left is in the gallery with natural and florescent.  the right picture is on location in the shade. I 'd say the left is closer to the actual color. Sold at the paint out

 This is the same stand of bamboo but looking through the cathedral at the stand I painted in the above pictures

This 8 x 10 on canvas is a bit over saturated in this photo but I was trying to capture the light coming through the bamboo.  Acrylic with palette knife.


Sitting in the gazebo gave me this view   this was done with acrylic on a 5 x 7 panel with the palette knife
Last painting of the weekend.  This was down by the flooded boardwalk.  Dispited being somewhat burned out from being in the heat and trying to concentrate so much all weekend, I was able to get this 5 x 7 on panel with the knife and acrylic.  this looks like some kind of weird frame but it's just the brick sidewalk

 My display at the Summer house

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