Saturday, September 20, 2014

Painting Out at Matheson House

This is a day of painting at the Matheson house   A historic house and museum in Gainesville.   I was painting with oils for the first time outside  using the plastic "Plano" box shown in a previous post. as a palette box.  Click the plein air lable to see other posts of painting outdoors.
This is the path that forms a circle in front of the Matheson House on University Ave in Gainesville
One of the biggest challenges of plein air painting is the constantly changing light.  Now that I look at this again I think there is another painting in the light pattern in the photo above.
I often find several compositions in every scene.  These are 2 pictures of the same painting .  The color is totally dependent on the light on the painting and of course the camera (iphone 4 in this case)
I got the above 8 x 10 on canvas and the below 5 x 7 on panel both in oil sitting in the same location.  I think there could be more.  I like the sweeping. tapered curve of  the path, the back lit trees and the shadow pattern that developed on the grass

The picture below was the first of the day and my first attempt at an oil outside.  I should have picked an easier subject than light and trees reflecting on the water of a creek in deep shadow.  I tend to zoom in very close on a subject instead of showing more of the whole scene.  The biggest problem I had all day is the slow dry time of the oil paint compared to acrylics.  This caused problems with paint mixing and blending on the painting when I didn't want it to making corrections difficult. On the other hand acrylics dry too fast in a lot of cases. I need to find a happy "medium"  Open acrylics dry slower work for Acrylics.  Liquin and fast drying white for oils might be the answers. I used Open acrylics to paint at Kanapaha gardens

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