Monday, October 06, 2014

Todays Painting

Today's painting that I shouldn't be doing.  I have too much "job" related things on the list but I couldn't help myself.  I saw this pencil sketch and wanted to try this new paint box. I'm obsessed with coming up with the easiest and most minimal set up for doing "walking " paintings.  I want to be able to do quick 5 x 7 oil or acrylic location paintings and not have to carry allot of stuff.  So this is the latest setup. A metal box that playing cards came in and a daily pill box for the paints. I hold this on a 9 x 12 sketch pad that I use for black and white pastel value sketches and palette. The biggest problem with all these various pochade boxes is the ability to carry more than one wet painting home. The other challenge with acrylics is having to have water to clean brushes.  With oil, it's  the opposite, oil stays wet too long and gets all over everything.  I like thick paint so that doesn't help.

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