Sunday, October 26, 2014

Painting on Fripp Island

 I was hoping to get more painting done at the beach but I should have known better.  Just too much fun to be had to spend that much time concentrating.   However I did take a bunch of photos ( that could become paintings at some time
This is a small box I re purposed  for painting 7 x 5 panels.   
 A tree protrait from the deck
The sketch on the left is on brown paper with charcoal and white pastel
 John and I did make it to the crab dock and we did catch some crabs but there is a lot of time between checking the traps so we had time to do a couple of painting.  Mine on the left is acrylic with palette knife and some brush work John's on the right is watercolor pencil and brush   5 x 7 watercolor paper

 Definitely a world class spot.  I love these clouds and I'm sure they will show up in future paintings
Black and White pastel on brown paper  9 x 12

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