Saturday, January 10, 2015


 I'm really not much of a digital painter but my new phone, galaxy sg5, has such a great screen and i can use anything as a stylus  even a regular pencil, so I have been using it for quick notes in the app "s-note" that comes with the galaxy note and has a basic drawing function. with brushes and transparency. I can layer but I can't undo layers. and I can import a photo and paint over it. here are the first 2 (on;y 2 ) I have so far
This one is based on a remembered vision of my back yard with an actual picture in sepia behind it
this one is a "finger paint" of an idea for an abstract to try with oil and cold wax in an up coming workshop I'm taking with Cindy Walton. Probably coming from my obsession with bamboo during plein air sessions in October and the color of patinaed copper and bronze.

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