Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Card Series

 This is a link to this years cards 
here are a couple of pictures of the process
When I'm thinking about cards I try to come up with a process that allows me to work on the whole batch at once.  Or at least start the whole series at once to keep the theme thought out.
I started with 2 full sheets of Fabriano rough watercolor paper.  one with a green wash and one witha burnt orange wash.
my original idea was to do a collage of clouds on top of a foreground. but this proved t be too time consuming and inconsistent.  I also couldn't immediately see a way to put in the foreground.  The first one i did as sketch for the idea came out great.  But as is often the case,  I couldn't duplicate the results
instead, I just played with putting in skies and clouds
 This is the first and only collaged image for this series. It was intended as a landscape but I think it looks more like an under water scene.   
This last shot shows several of the cards ready for final details and mounting on backing card stock

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