Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Friday Painting

I got to go out and paint with a group that paints on Friday mornings. It was fun and challenging. I didn't get the painting finished in the 2 hours we had but I got about as far as I ever have in an outdoor situation.  First problem is to get the drawing right.  It's hard to narrow down the scene to one area and to get that one part of the scene placed on the page is always the hard part for me.
 I took this photo at the time but it's mainly useful for the pattern of darks and lights.  The colors have to be taken from life. Cell phone cameras are especially bad at getting correct color.   I still have allot of work to do on the main trees and the water and water line but this is a good start for me with just 2 hours to work.  This is an 8 x 10 panel and I was using oil. 

There were several others out painting that day many people got some nice work done. ;

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