Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#78. Friday painters, Paynes Prairie again

 This is where it began. I actually started painting before there was any light coming into the foreground.  The whole scene was in shadow at 8:30 am. This photo shows some violet/gray in the shadows in the right foreground leading back up under the tree that the camera phone adds. It adds a nice cool complement to the orange of the grass.  If I paint this scene again I will start with this reference photo.

I chose this scene because there was something other than green in it. I have since learned ways to add variety to green by changing color and not value. That will have to wait for the next painting

Looking at the painting after the first session, I see the values of the shadow shapes are not dark enough.  The background and foreground are the same value.  I need to push the distance back more with lighter and cooler tones. Those distance trees should be almost as light as the water.  There are too many small light and dark shapes within each of the value zones making it look choppy and flat

 This is the beginning of the second day on this painting.  It's overcast and no direct sun. But I have already decided what I need to do and in this photo I have started to push the background back by smoothing out the shapes and adding cool colors.

 I adjusted the edges, shapes and values on location and back at the studio.  This is the finished piece  8 x 10 oil on panel "Lake Wauburg"
 Here is it framed in a float frame

Monday, May 04, 2015

# 76 Oil and Wax Demo

I started on a panel covered with Q gold acrylic

I didn't get any pictures of the step by step due to paint on my hands but the video shows it pretty well

 This is pretty much as far as I got on this in the 2 hours of the demo.  This is mostly daylight  so the colors are fairly correct
I Spent probably another 2 hours on it at how  The above shot was taken in the shade on a sunny day makeing the colors seem cooler.

This photo was taking indoor under mostly incandescent daylight bulbs.  The color is much warmer.  I think the warm version is closer to the truth

#75 cold wax demo

This is a demo I did for the cold wax and oil technique I sometimes use   It's on the Brad Teare blog with a link back to here.  I'm not sure this will work so if no video shows up let me know.  The finished Painting that I started here is  framed and hanging at Soma art supply and is available

Friday, May 01, 2015

# 77 - Friday Painters. Painting at Paynes Prairie

 These are out of numerical order but I wanted them to be in the correct time line.  This is the first time I have painted out here and I really the first time I worked with this new paint box.  I say new,  I have been working on it for some time  but it's new because I haven't used it with oils. 

This is the scene I was working from  
 This is the under painting done mostly in burnt sienna.  I just started to add some color when I had to stop
 The second session was also about 2 hours and I added the color.  I'm not happy with the composition . I feel like the foreground tree cuts the picture in half and disrupts the eye from moving through the picture.  I still need to work on the grass in shade. and tone down some of the bright yellow grass in sunlight. Those 2 shapes need to be joined.   the light side of the trees is also still just the underpainting and needs to be in shadow or at least not in bright sunlight. I think it needs to be grayed down a little. 

I finally got to show it to the Friday painters group this week. I still haven't made any changes. they all seem to like it the way it is. even though my criticism of the center tree cutting the picture off.  it didn't seem to bother them. I'll edit this post again when I get some more work done on it