Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Fripp Trip : Some Location Paintings

 this is a close up and long view of the scene it was misty and foggy.  The tide was low when I started the painting but this was during the supper full moon and the tide flooded the marsh more than I have ever seen
here is the resulting 7 x 5 acrylic on paper of the crab dock

the reference shot here is the same place but from 3 years ago  The morning of this painting it was misty and foggy with very little light

this shot is from later in the morning when th sun started to burn off the fog.
another sketch from the same scene
 late in the day we went to the beach and did  this small  a  7 x 5  on panel
this was done mostly wtih the palet knife.  It is a chalenge to paint this small with the knife but this day it was also blowing about 30 and the the surface and my palette were full of sand.  It gives the painting and interesting texture.
 here is a progress shot and the finished painting on my favorite watercolor paper Fabriano rough
done with mostly palette knife sitting on the beach

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