Sunday, December 27, 2015

Paint removal

This painting is started out as years of acrylic accumulation on a board I use as an easel.  It is  covered with shelf paper to waterproof it. After I worked on it to make it an a actual
finished painting, I discovered that the acrylic wasn't really sticking to
the shelf paper. So I decided to try and peel the entire thing off the
board and re mount it permanently on a gessoed panel.  First I had to thicken the layer so that I could manipulate it. Idid this by putting on several thick layers of clear heavy gel.  When that was completely dry I used a palette knife to help separate the acrylic from the shelf paper. As you can see
I succeeded in getting it off in one piece.

The top picture is the front view after removal
And below is the back side. It is translucent from the front  The back is actually the paint that was on the board. the white opaque is some of the shelf paper that came up with the acrylic.
If you are viewing this on a phone you probably don't see the video on the right that shows a time laps of the removal process
 here is the link to you tube
 this painting is available on my web site here

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Aleatoric cards

This year's cards started out as full sheet watercolor paper paintings in acrylic and then, when dry, folded and torn in half until I get 16 cards from each sheet. The process is random although I do control the flow of the wet paint to some degree using gravity, a hair drier and a spray bottle. Sometimes near the end I do use my fingers and maybe a tool. The cropping is random because the final image depends on what image ends up on the torn pieces. These pictures are of the two full sheet papers before I began tearing them

Follow this link to see this years cards. Some are location paintings done over the last few years