Sunday, February 28, 2016

See Birds : A new direction?

The See Birds painting is an abstract that evolved from canvas that had random marks on it.  As I work on it ideas evolved.  There was no pre-plan on this one other than what was on the canvas. I have been wanting to do a series using the bird image but this painting was not a conscious effort to start that.  The bird didn't show up until late in the process and at that point I changed the orientation to horizontal and painted out the previous direction.  The finished painting is still available here
The thick blue lines in the early steps is painters tape.  There were some marks and lines I wanted to pres3rve from the original canvas but I ended up painting them out  It did help me build the composition

 The last image is a close up of the detail of the bottom bird image showing some of the thick texture and marks.   This painting is available on my website in the Art department  here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

you never know

Sometimes you just don't know where ideas come from. almost every painting has a story but it might not be a story about a place. Very often it's a story about a process

This is an on location painting I did sitting on the beach while visiting long island

This is my kit.

Even though this. Painting seems to be about the place it was really about practice I had no intention of selling it or even coming up with something sellable. but the people sitting in front of me overheard me talking about it with my friend and she wanted to see it. And then she wanted to know if I ever sold this kind of thing. well yes sometimes. how much would it be? I hadn't even thought about it. since it wasn't finished I told her a price about half of what I normally would get for a finished one and she said I'll take it. I was shocked. I think that was my first sale off the easel.