Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Sneak Peak at The GFAA Members Showcase

Here are some of the paintings that will be in the Members Showcase show. If you can't wait for the show or are afraid you won't get the ones you want, leave a comment or contact me The opening reception is the last Friday of this month (Aug 25).
I will have one panel to display and sell 10 paintings.
The Gainesville Fine Arts Association gallery is at 1314 so. Main in Gainesville FL.
Here is a peak at the wall just about done .   Below are some of the paintings on the wall

Members’ Showcase
August 22 through September 23
Judge Dulce Roman, Harn Museum Chief Curator
Reception during Art Walk August 25, 6-9 pm

Imaginary Moon  5 x 7 oil on wood, float framed in 8 x 19 black wood 120.00

Walk in the Woods, 16 x 20 acrylic on canvas, unframed 275.00

Gallery Orange Tree, oil on 8 x 10 canvas panel, 180.00 framed

Earlton Hay Bales, 11 x 14 oil on canvas, 210.00 unframed

Gallery Palm, 8 x 10 oil on canvas panel, 180.00 framed

Standing By The Side of The Road, 6 x 8 oil framed to 8 x 10,  150.00 framed

 Phil's Woods, 11 x 14 oil on canvas, 210.00 unframed

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Painting Standing

I spend way too much time on coming up with painting kits for plein air painting. I usually don't have much time to stop and sketch, especially if I'm with someone or just out for a walk. If I want to stop for a minute and do a quick sketch I don't want to spend that minute setting up.  I want instant set up.
I recently went out on a walk and brought just a pad of brown paper and charcoal and chalk. I did this little sketch while my friend was taking photos of the sky and surrounding buildings.

The biggest problem I was having (aside from doing a good drawing) was holding the paper and the supplies in my left hand and drawing with my right. It's always the hardest thing to hold paint and paper in one hand while working standing up.  This is why people bring easels and or chairs. 

This is my latest and most minimal walk and sketch set up. I can use it with any water media and it requires no additional bags.  No fanny pack or shoulder bag like I usually carry, just pockets. This setup allows me to do 6 x 8 water media paintings or sketches in a pad while standing with no need for a table, chair or easel.

The coroplast folds for easy loading into pockets. gouache paint in the pill box, water brush has the water in the brush

Turbulent Surf   7.25 x 5.5 gouache on Fabriano rough paper from memory.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Hay Bales Plein Air Finished

These hay bales caught my eye because of the way they were lit by the early afternoon sun. I was captivated by the contrast of the orange sorrel grass in the distance against the green of the mid and foreground. It's always fun for me to draw and paint cylinders like these bales or tree trunks, etc. 

Below are the two final paintings along with some of my process. 

The finished 8x10 still on the easel. 

The finished 11x14.

I started by making this location sketch with charcoal and chalk. It's amazing what you can get out of a primitive location sketch. 

Here I have the basic sketch laid in with thinned oils. I got to this point by using the location sketch. I'm working on 2 paintings at once for the first time ever! This is the 8 x 10 version, the other is 11x14. 

Both sizes at the end of the drawing stage. Next comes the block in of color mass. The weather was so cold and windy I couldn't go to the location, so I worked in the studio with as much natural light as I could get. Doors and windows open. It was cold but sunny, just like being outside. 

Back on location to block in both paintings with color and add texture with thicker paint. Since I was doing this for a plein air event it was necessary for me to finish the paintings on location vs in the studio. I needed to have 75% of each painting done on location to qualify as a plein air painting. Unfortunately I didn't escape the wind and cold, but this was my last chance to get this done and in the gallery.

The finished paintings are currently available at the Artisan's Guild Gallery in Downtown Gainesville, FL. They can also be ordered directly from my Etsy site

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Calling It Done?

It's hard to really tell what I did to these two acrylic paintings from this picture without a good before shot. You can see the whole painting process on this blog here
The painting on the left is  Hunting Island Marsh, I added some green to gray down the orange and I narrowed the taper of the distant banks on both sides and changed the water line on the right bank to make a less sharp edge where the water and mud meet.
  The right one, Fiddler's Ridge Marsh, needed to be lightened.  I also toned some of the violet down and broke up the color a bit and added highlights.  I also broke up the dark trees some and lightened the house.

  just a word about color  This picture viewed on my samsung s5 is just about right compared to viewing it live in the natural  filtered living room light.  so if you have a phone like that you can probably see the actual colors . fro reference, the frame is gold
 as originally painted
 with torn tape
 with painted tape
 After looking at this one for a few hours, I felt there is still something awkward about it and I think it's the way the marsh recedes. I came to the conclusion that the undefined horizon on the left side makes the picture look tilted to the right and makes the distance hard to read  The right side is more distant and that recedes well. I took some tape and painted it and applied it to the horizon line to give it a sharper edge and made it darker to pull it forward a little I us the tape and permanently collage it on to the horizon line, covered it with gloss medium because I didn't want to attempt to paint directly onto the panel and risk screwing it up.  I really like the way the paint came out on the tape and I didn't think I could reproduce it as successfully. Do I the call it mixed media collage?, and I also dropped the bank on the right in the distance to improve the prospective.  I think fixes it. you can see it on my web site here

Fiddler's Ridge Marsh, needed to be lightened.  I so I toned some of the violet down and broke up the color a bit and added highlights.  I also broke up the dark trees some and lightened the house. I made a series of process photos as I did this painting and you can see it here
color: the bottom photo was so dark on the lap top screen I edited it to make it look lighter.   and had to saturate it to get it to look even close to the real colors on my laptop but that took all the green out so I'm putting in 2 pictures taken at the same time   However, on the phone it's over saturated. for reference, the building is white
The top one is darker but closer to the real colors and the bottom one is lighter but too yellow.
you can see the finished painting on my website here
 4/4/17 update  I actually went back in and did more adjustments to the bank on the right in the top painting 

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