Thursday, July 06, 2017

Painting Standing

I spend way too much time on coming up with painting kits for plein air painting. I usually don't have much time to stop and sketch, especially if I'm with someone or just out for a walk. If I want to stop for a minute and do a quick sketch I don't want to spend that minute setting up.  I want instant set up.
I recently went out on a walk and brought just a pad of brown paper and charcoal and chalk. I did this little sketch while my friend was taking photos of the sky and surrounding buildings.

The biggest problem I was having (aside from doing a good drawing) was holding the paper and the supplies in my left hand and drawing with my right. It's always the hardest thing to hold paint and paper in one hand while working standing up.  This is why people bring easels and or chairs. 

This is my latest and most minimal walk and sketch set up. I can use it with any water media and it requires no additional bags.  No fanny pack or shoulder bag like I usually carry, just pockets. This setup allows me to do 6 x 8 water media paintings or sketches in a pad while standing with no need for a table, chair or easel.

The coroplast folds for easy loading into pockets. gouache paint in the pill box, water brush has the water in the brush

Turbulent Surf   7.25 x 5.5 gouache on Fabriano rough paper from memory.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I know the feeling . . . sometimes by the time you get set up, the inspirational moment has changed. Great idea!