Friday, October 27, 2017

Adventures in a 20 year old truck

We had quite the harrowing adventure trying to get to the opening art reception of some friends . Everything seemed fine. The truck started right up and ran great. Set up my booth for Thornebrook, had a nice meal, and made our way to Oak Hall. When we passed the interstate on Newberry Rd we noticed something weird with the truck. The brake and battery lights were on and she was losing power and wanting to stall at low rpm. I had to pump the throttle in a powerless attempt to keep the juice flowing. My alternator has been on its last leg these days (ok, months) and would only charge while revving above idle. It seems the headlights dealt it a major blow this evening as it refused to do its job. I flew down Tower Rd thinking that it might help to go fast. Everytime I slowed down the engine would start to buck and sputter. As we pulled into the Oak Hall parking lot moving at a snail's pace I realized there was no way I could stop the truck. I feared it would never start again.  We needed to get home and the fading sun light was not on our side. We took a quick glance towards the entrance as we rolled by. We saw people milling about. That was the extent of our experience at the reception.
Now we had to get back home. The sunlight was quickly dropping. We raced home like Charlton Heston in Omega Man. Calculating routes and braking to maximize time and minimize stops. Headlights weren't an option except at dangerous intersections and not much farther beyond them. Thankfully, Newberry road is well lit, Friday night traffic was in full swing. At long last 16th ave was in sight and 10th terrace shortly after. We jostled into the driveway and breathed a sigh of relief. Made it!
Words courtesy of Michelle

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