Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Pleinair at the beach

Th​is trip was planned months ago.

​I​t was originally going to be a full moon photo and ​painting trip in September but hurricane Irma had something to say about that.  A month later and there was another storm at the beach but we went anyway. What we found at Crescent beach was washed away dunes and black waves with coffee colored foam in the surf as squalls and wind whipped us and the beach. It was great!

Crescent beach near Matanzas inlet

looking north at what used to be board walks over sand dunes.  Now board walks in space. 

  Due to heavy cloud cover, Michelle was not able to get any moon rise shots but was able to get some good sky shots of the moon in the clouds once it was up for an hour or so.  I was able to get a small painting started before the sun went down. I was using water mixable oils so when the rain came back it forced us in. So this was a very quick 8 x 6 done with a head lamp on and one hand holding the setup from blowing away.
Painting at night requires a head lamp. Here are a few shots of me painting in the wind as fast as possible to beat the fading light while trying to capture the stormy sky. 

This is really just a start because after about 20 minutes, the rain started up again and we had to duck for cover, which meant ducking for cover under our foul weather gear with paint box and camera gear. However its a good start and it's exciting to paint this way! At some point I might go back into it and finish it but I also like it as is. It certainly reminds me of the crazy weather we were in.

The rain let up but the cloud cover prevented Michelle from getting any moon rise shots. We waited. The moon came up and the clouds broke up just enough for her to get some dramatic shots of the full moon and light on the clouds. 

 The next morning we tried again with the sunrise.  We had a beautiful morning with thick violet clouds still sitting on the horizon, but as the sun came up and broke through we had some spectacular light.

This is the painting I was able to get in about 60 mins. It still needs some work back at the studio but I captured the moment.
The water was very choppy and coffee colored.
Sunrise at St Augustine Beach. Oil on panel  8 x 10

I turned my easel up the beach to see these clouds and condos  It was starting to get hot, the sun was up. I spent about 45 mins on this oil 8 x 10.  I don't feel this one is finished either but that is the nature of plein air, capture the moment, the light, the feeling, not necessarily the details. 

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  1. Glad you shared these cool photos, especially the head lamp ones.