Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Abstract paintings and Greeting Cards

On the art front.
 This is the explanation attached to the cards given this year

  The first stage of collaborative collage project is coming to completion and we have, in addition to the 21 cards, already gifted, 6 @ 8x6 works on paper that will be fixed to a stretched canvas backing and varnished for protection ready for framing or hanging. We have 6 of the 8 x 6s and we'll mount 3 and leave 3 unmounted so the buyer can have them matted and framed or we can mount it.
 These are suitable for frames or hanging as is. Each is a one of a kind but a puzzle piece of the whole.
Just getting started. This is about 3 stages in
on the second set of cards. 

The first set is just about ready to cut apart At this point we added more paint and metalic  markers.

The idea was to make a collaborative work that was neither his or hers style.  We needed to make holiday cards so we decided to start with a whole sheet and cut it up so each card was a piece of the whole.  We started with a map of the Everglades and used spattering to get started.  Then we added bits of paper and more spatter and other layers of paint and collage finishing off with metal leaf
The cards were then cut apart and trimmed to fit the card backing 
 To see the finished cards go to the page of this blog marked Cards 17
 here is a sample of what the 8 x 6 pieces look like  Of course they are all different but they are all a puzzle piece of the whole

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